Thursday, July 18, 2024

    University education is one of the most impactful decision that one makes. Being a university student in UAE has various benefits as the education in this country is still relatively young. As compare to other countries. “The development of the education sector is one of the most important goals of the SDGs. Therefore, providing education to all members of society is one of the key instruments for achieving that objective.”
    In UAE the ministry of education is moving forward to complete the process of developing and comprehensively and radically changing the education frameworks according to the modern educational philosophy. This thing was initiated by the launch of Emirati School that is based on the best international systems and also pioneering successful experiences. In this article we are going to look into the fact that why being a university student is important to the UAE society.
    It’s a fact that when individuals are less educated they seem to be intolerant and aggressive. As they don’t have much exposure to life and don’t know how to react appropriately. Therefore, students that take admission in higher classes seems to incorporate broad mindset and improves the well-being of the society.
    There are also other initiatives and programs that contribute to the instilling and reinforcing this human value. The ministry of education is also keen to promote the communication with different categories of the society. Moreover, contribute to the communal initiatives that aim at enhancing the solidarity of the community, voluntary and charity work.
    Future Skills
    The education at university level is mostly based on consolidating the 21st century skills. They are built through the interactive activities, curriculum and exploratory scientific trips and also keeping in mind the innovation. Moreover, student’s education are aligned with the labor market along with the aim to keeping pace with the UAE’s plans to shift the knowledge based economy.
    An expert writer in assignment help Dubai mentioned that whatever assignment come to them are technical enough to make the students competitive enough to stand out of the crowd. On whole it upgrades the level of education in UAE.
    The researches done at university level allocate new courses and expands the number of targeted students. It motivates students to conduct research studies and come up with their own research innovations for the distinguished ones to be honored. A diploma in innovation is launched to develop the skills of the youth and achieve the concept of sustainable education.
    The launching of the 21 Leaders Initiative allowed the youth to take part in shaping the development of education. Moreover, it also helps the youth council that targets the youth and enables them to provide their vision on how to develop education.
    Proximity to your comfort zone
    The students that come from abroad find education in UAE very comfortable. There are a lot of profits that you can find there, such as studying in the cosmopolitan country to enjoy the fabulous opportunities. Moreover, people from different countries adds diversity to the society of UAE. It was observed in article written by business plan writer UAE that people that come various places gives profit to the society with their talent and diverse perspectives.
    Alumni network
    The professional network is something that goes far into the career. Yet these links are something that takes time to be built. The helpful alumni association that comes with a higher education in the UAE can help you in getting a head start. Moreover, the time period spend in a university allows an individual to make contacts with the seniors that can be good source seek help. This network serves as a career building tool that comes with numerous benefits. This could be an invitation to a career fair or a spot at a fancy dinner hosted by the university
    Extensive facilities
    The university allows student to a wide variety of course offerings to building your first resume with a career counselor, there are a plethora of resources available to students who study in the UAE. There are universities that are keen to provide students with an opportunity to study a semester more in an international destination. Therefore, on a whole the students would be able to provide benefit to the society though their contribution. It may be in terms of knowledge, research, scientific development and technology.
    The bottom line is education is the key to success and if we compare the system of UAE. It is still lacking behind as compare to other countries. So acting as a university student gives benefit to the society in various way. It’s important that countries focus on the education of their youth. As these people are the only ones that can help the country grow in terms of education, finance and technology.


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