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    I personally believe, the students who are keen towards their studies and future career always lookout for the options that can bring them more worth. Adding a value to the academics and the job experience is the dream of every student, and for this purpose students mostly travel to the other countries.

    This is absolutely one of the wisest decision that a student can make for his fruitful career and secured job life. There are plenty of study programs and scholarships options available in other first world countries that offers the students with excellent educational facilities and job opportunities.


    This is very much clear that the countries that do not have bright options for the studies and the job, the talented and skilled students from the state look for the best and reliable options abroad to secure the future.

    This indirectly results in tremendous rate of international students in the countries including USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Germany, Japan, China, and South Korea.

    The professional research writers from shared, in these countries, there are countless options for foreigners and international students in terms of job and career along with bright study options.

    For the long run in the field of study, this is highly important to have a look at the options of the careers that are available abroad. The students belonging to different states and those who want to pursue the field that is not available in their own homeland with vast opportunities, those students always try to reach out USA, UK, and Germany for higher studies.


    Those Arab students and individuals of Middle East looking forward to kickstart their career and professional life with some extremely amazing career must look forward for abroad options. USA shines brighter than any other country in the options of abroad studies. Also, the United States offers amazing

    The students living in UAE are also encouraged to have a look at these scholarships and can apply for the fully funded scholarships for bright future.

    In such cases, the citizenship doesn’t matter and the previous performance of academic is judged. The standardized test scores with several achievements has to be disclosed to get the scholarship in USA. Below is a list that provides a full flash review of the scholarships that are available in USA for the students who belong to UAE and the Middle East including Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arab.

    Fullbright grants to study in US:

    Those who are looking for an excellent chance to pursue their degree in US must get to know about the Fullbright foreign student program. This enables the graduate students and professional from the Middle East and all over the world to study and conduct the researches in USA. Also, this scholarship encourages the application from all the career fields.

    AAMA Houston chapter scholarship:

    This Houston chapter initiated the scholarship award and is accepting the applications. The main reason of this scholarship is to provide the guidance and financial assistance to the eligible medical, nursing, dental, pharmacy, and post-doctoral students of the Arab heritage in securing the elective training at any Houston’s institution of medical and pharmacy. Also note that the maximum award to the individual is $2500.

    Amana mutual funds scholarship:

    Getting to another scholarship available for the Arab and Middle East students, the Amana mutual funds scholarship. The Islamic society of North America is trying to foster the development of the Muslim community, interfaith relations, and for the better understanding of Islam. This scholarship is also strengthening the relationship between other countries and American Muslim community. Total amount of scholarship is $2500.

    AMIDEAST hope fund:

    The Hope Fund scholarship program is established to provide the young and talented people with the leadership skills. This scholarship covers a wide range of candidates from different areas of the world so they could pursue an undergraduate degree in the United States. This scholarship is only for the four year bachelor’s program with full tuition fee waiver if the candidate is eligible. Monthly living stipend with the annual stipend is also designed for the eligible candidate.

    Arab student Aid international:

    The students from UAE and Middle East are highly recommended to go for the bright scholarships options available abroad. This Arab student aid international scholarship provides the interest-free loans and the other financial aid facilities as well to students of UAE and Middle East who are looking forward to study is US and Canada.

    Hassan Mustafa Abdullah Memorial scholarship:

    Another need based scholarship of $500 for the undergraduate students of the Arab descent. The students who originally belong to UAE and other states of the Middle East can get the Hassan Mustafa Abdullah memorial scholarship.


    The aforementioned scholarships can help the Arab students of UAE and other Middle East countries to choose their best match of the scholarships. Some of the countries like USA, UK, and Canada are succeeding in the educational grounds and choosing the option to study in these countries absolutely for free is just an amazing opportunity for bright career.


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