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    Regretting the things or past in life is never considered a motivational or appreciating move. To keep going forward, you have to keep an eye on your goals and have to let your past stay behind. In this way, a person is able to accomplish more and he never gets demotivated due to his past failures.

    Journey of life differs for everybody. There is no one who wouldn’t have faced the ups and downs in his life. From the school days to the college and then stepping into the professional one, life throws a lot on you and you still stand tall and bright! Right?

    Have you written an essay on what you like would to be when you grow up? Or where do you see yourself in coming five years? I bet this, you must have done such essays where you are reflecting the light over your future self!

    I remember doing these tasks with overwhelming excitement and passion. Sounding relatable?

    The professional research proposal writers in Dubai believe, somewhere in this digital era of race and competition, we have lost some basics behind which has made us a little weak in the learning!

    There are so many learning basics that we haven’t practice in the school years and we have regretted them in our university and professional life.

    I personally have felt sorry for so many things after graduating from my school! Now, if someone would ask me to write about my childhood, then I would be more excited and would feel more delighted to share about my memories.


    There comes so many days in your life where you feel low just because you are unknown to some basic learnings. And you realize that these are the principles and practices that you must have learnt in your school life. Has this happened to you as well?

    Indeed, the situation is pretty similar and every one of us has once thought this way!

    In this article, I am going to share 13 things that I wish I had learned in my school life. If I would have to write the letter to 10 year old me then it would be revolving around these 13 things.

    Are you interested to know the story of my side? So let’s not waste any more time and get into the ground realities about which we must know from the growing and early age!

    The rule of 80/20:

    Researchers from UAE AssignmentMaker emphasized on the learning and teaching of Pareto principal. This states that 80% of our outcomes are based on the 20% of inputs. This means that optimizing yourself to do the task efficiently can increase your productivity to another level!

    Parkinson’s Law:

    Teachers should be teaching the students about the Parkinson’s Law. This revolves around the concept that the problem keeps on expanding if you would take more time to solve it. The prime objective is to keep the focus on the task and complete it before it reaches the deadline.

    This is all about give and take:

    Be it the respect or love, this is the matter of give and take. First learn to give and then to take. Children must be taught in the early age about being empathetic and a giver to their fellows. This increases the emotional intelligence and brings the students closer to each other in terms of respect.

    You must be proactive not reactive!

    Stay alert with the situation but not the emotional one. You need to be proactive and not a reactive person. In the professional life, what matters the most is your behavior and mannerism. You must be active and alert with the situations and not the reactive one!

    Mistakes are failures are part of life:

    This must be taught at the earliest stage of life that it is okay to fail a class or to make mistakes or even to repeat a class for the betterment of the future. Mistakes and failures are the biggest part of life and they must be accepted open-heartedly to increase the motivation and passion.

    Your attitude is everything:

    Be it the professional or even the school life, your attitude is the only thing that matters the most. Whether it is the positive one or the negative one, this decides your future! Parents must also try to help their children in developing positive attitude towards every situation.

    Never ever compare yourself:

    This is one big difficult thing. Teach the students never ever to compare themselves with the other students. Everyone has his specific qualities and skillset and each individual grown on his own pace, so there is no need to compare yourself with your class fellows.

    Fear could kill your happiness:

    Maximum things about which you fear never happen in your life. Stop getting terrified from different conditions and specific courses. You are yourself a champ and you don’t need any recognition. Fear would kill your motivation to move ahead so make sure to eradicate it!

    Write the important notes:

    Make it a habit from your school life to write down all the important things on the paper. Keep taking notes of the things that you like and would like to remember them in the future. A memorable way to keep everything alive.

    Opportunities comes for you always:

    In every experience, there are a lot of opportunities hidden beneath. You have to be vigilant towards your future and have to make reliable and long-term decisions that could help you to stay in the long run.

    It’s not that serious!

    Do not take everything to your heart. In this life, you have to come across a lot of challenging phases and passing through them requires you to be courageous and passionate. Don’t take everything and everyone serious to yourself.

    Don’t go for college before career planning:

    Entering into the college before planning the career choice and studies can cost you a lot of damage. Get some career counselling beforehand and then go for the college. Make sure to plan your studies in the area that interests you always!

    Being cool in school is a trap:

    If you think that being cool and famous in school will get you the limelight then it is not true. This is such a big trap that a lot of students fall for it. Be the type of student who is fun loving and study-holic together. Not completely a nerd, not completely irresponsible, just balanced!


    I personally believe, if these 13 things I could have learnt in my school life, I would have been a lot more experienced in my professional life. I hope, my observations would help the students of today’s generation and would provide them with some essential advices to follow throughout their school and college life!


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