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    The Aquila School (TAS) was inaugurated in September 2018 and is owned by International Schools Partnership (ISP), which is an international education provider with over 45 schools in 12 countries that are responsible for the education of 45,000 students. It is an English primary school, dubai.The school is in Wadi Al Safa, directly across from Dubai Silicon Oasis, at the intersection of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, the Al Ain Road, and the Emirates Road. ISP also owns Nibras International School in Dubai, in addition to Aspen Heights British School and Reach British School in Abu Dhabi. Let us look at why The Aquila School is the best option for your children:

    Rapid Expansion

    TAS began by offering education from foundation stage (FS) 1 to year 6, and is now expanding by one year group per year, with year 7 opening in September 2019 and year 8 opening in September 2020. The current cohort of children is made up of people from 45 different countries. Egyptians have the highest proportion of students (17%), followed by Jordanians and Indians (each 10 percent ). Students with British passports account for 8% of the total, while students from Pakistan account for 7%. The nationalities represented at the school are a mix of 43 percent Arab, 31 percent Western, and 22 percent Asian passport holders.

    Specific Children To Faculty Ratios Are Maintained

    The maximum class size throughout the school will be 24. To maintain child:adult ratios, the school has a clear hiring policy: when an open class reaches 18 students, a new teacher is hired and a new classroom is opened. The goal is to maintain a teacher-to-student ratio of no more than 1: 12 in the Foundation Stage and Year 1, 1:18 in Years 2–6, and 1:24 in the Secondary phase. At the moment, the school has a slightly higher male-to-female ratio of 57:42.

    Broad Curriculum

    The British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is taught in FS and the school is the best fs1 school in Dubai, and the English National Curriculum is taught in years 1 to 9. It will eventually become a comprehensive school, and in recognition of its international student body, it will offer iGCSE in Year 11 and BTEC with either the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or A Levels in Years 12 and 13. Primary school British curriculum is followed in the school.

    TAS is the most recent school to consider adopting BTEC/IB curricula for its Sixth Form students, following in the footsteps of other highly regarded – and Outstanding-rated – Dubai schools like Jumeirah English Speaking School
    Sustainable Development And Facilities

    Sustainable Development And Facilities

    The Aquila School is housed in strikingly beautiful buildings that have received local recognition for their design. The school had only been open for a week when it received its first award: Best Design Education Project of the Year at the Design Middle East Awards 2018. It’s easy to see why it won: A curved steel structure over the main entrance dominates the exterior, the remaining structures, on the other hand, are sleek in design and are coherently and neatly linked together.

    The swimming pools are immediately outside the sports block, one a smaller 90cm training pool for younger children and novice swimmers and one a larger 25m pool for competitive swimming. Both are heated and cooled according to the season. Further along is a playing field with a full-size football/rugby pitch and a multi-sports court for basketball, netball, and tennis.

    Focus On ExtraCurricular Activities

    On the ground floor, there are two smaller play areas, one of which has climbing equipment and an unusual (and clearly popular!) stone chess table. The smaller room contains construction and imaginative play items for the younger children. On hotter days, the Foundation Stage also has its own small indoor soft play and continuous provision area for letting off steam during their regular free-flow time.

    With its unusual layout, hidden corners and curves, colourful backdrop, and excellent resources, The Aquila School is undeniably impressive.

    Strict Teacher Recruiting Process

    At The Aquila School, hiring teachers is a serious business, with Principal Mr. Howsen stating that more than 400 teachers were interviewed in order to select the current teaching team. The management team has very clear criteria for their teachers, many of whom will have previously taught at ‘challenging’ schools. ‘Because if you can teach brilliantly in a really difficult school, you can teach brilliantly anywhere,’ Howsen remarked.

    Their Mission

    The mission of Aquila School is to ensure that every child enjoys coming to school and makes as much progress as possible. The school does, in fact, commit to much more. Its promise states that they are committed to delivering Amazing Learning in order for your child to make as much progress as possible. To accomplish this, they have pledged to:

    • Making children the centre of everything they do
    • Giving children the ability to make decisions about their own learning.
    • Providing a fantastic curriculum in both English and Arabic
    • Hiring only the best British-trained and qualified teachers.
    • Ensuring that every child makes the greatest possible progress

    Inclusivity And Efforts

    The People at The Aquila School believe that children learn best when they are happy and secure in a stimulating and nurturing environment. They value each child’s uniqueness and make their safety and well-being a top priority. They make certain that EVERY child, regardless of their learning, language, or emotional needs, makes the best possible progress within a truly inclusive and caring environment. Their inclusion staff is available to provide any additional assistance that our gifted and determined children may require.

    Detailed Child Evaluation

    They provide detailed reports on your child’s academic progress as well as social and emotional well-being twice a year. There are regular opportunities for families to come and see their children’s work in class and speak with the teachers informally about their child’s learning. The weekly newsletter informs families about the children’s progress and how they can help them at home.

    Passionate Teachers

    All of our class teachers are native English speakers with extensive UK/international experience. Some of our teachers have previously worked with the Leadership Team at another outstanding school.

    Bottom Line

    The Aquila School boasts a wide range of facilities as well as top-tier international faculty which is more than willing to help your children attain the success and proud future that they deserve!


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