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    Is it your dream to have a job in one of the Gulf countries, However, you don’t know how to create a good first impression through your CV? Don’t worry as we have your back and we will help you in knowing all the things you need to know to create a CV that will land you in your dream job. As there are specific issues that you need to be aware of when writing your CV for Gulf job.

    If we talk about CV it is a document that serves as an advertisement to the brand that is “YOU.” Of course, it must not only be eye-catching but should also make an impact on the reader. There will be a lot of websites that can help you in creating a CV. Yet if you want to create a CV for the gulf country, then stick till the end.

    Personal Details

    In the Gulf countries there is no anti-discrimination law. Therefore, you need to add your personal details. It starts with your name, but make sure that you keep it professional and don’t use any pet or nicknames. Add you email address that is more likely close to your name and not like those email addresses that you created in you college days. There is also need of your picture, so come up with a decent picture with a blue or grey background. Also write down your telephone number with the international code and current address. Lastly add your state languages that you speak.

    Have a Strong Summary

    As suggested by the writers at perfect CV writing service in UAE it usually takes six seconds for a recruiter to decide whether an applicant is suitable for the job or not. So it is suggested that you open your CV convincingly. In this case it is best done through a compelling summary of your core skills and accomplishments.

    Work Experience

    When it comes to writing your work experience make sure to list last three recent jobs that you have done. For instance, you have altogether done five jobs there is no need to mention all of them. Choose the most recent ones for CV writing, as the recruiter will judge you on the basis of what you have done recently. In addition you must add the bullet points as it make easy for the recruiter to read and also looks organized. When writing the details ensure to put down the name of the company, the time period for which you worked in that company and then of course your duties.


    The education comes under the working experience and it must start with the highest degree first, along with school’s name and location followed by the degree and date. Furthermore you can also mention the vocational and most recent training. Initiated by the name of the institution or company, then location and year. The certificates that you have attained, following the same writing method of training. You must be proud of your achievements and must not fear to talk to the interviewer with confidence.

    Skills and References

    It’s important that you mention the skills that are related to the job or promotion you are applying for. The languages that you think you know other than the natives and also mention the level either native, fluent, good or just basic. Nevertheless don’t mention if you are not confident about the language as the interviewer may know that language and make you look as if you are lying. If you have ever come across a CV written by the perfectcv, you must have observed that they don’t write the personal hobbies of their clients. As it may end up making the client embarrass, as the interviewer may find them weird or inappropriate.

    Be Elaborative

    Did anyone mistakenly told you that CV must not be more than one page? If yes, then this is not what goes well in the Gulf countries. As the recruiters want to know more about you, so discuss everything elaborately. To make it more comprehensible, your CV must not be less than two pages. It must include all the pertinent information that would make you an ideal candidate for the job.

    Wrapping it up, from the start to the end of your CV it must be designed in a way that can showcase all your skills, experience and education. Always try to come up with a customize CV for every job. As it would help you in determining a CV, according to the need of the recruiter. Unlike putting together a copy-and-paste replica of your previous CVs. So now it’s time to work in your dream job. All you need to do is craft a CV on the tips mentioned above and wait for your phone to ring.


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