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    Every month, over a billion people, use Instagram. Today, video and photo-sharing apps are gaining popularity. And Instagram is at the top of this list of social network apps and platforms. You’ve probably wondered what contributed to its success and how to create an app similar to Instagram.

    We’ve answered all of your questions in this guide. You’ll learn how to make an app similar to Instagram and replicate its success. Let’s get started with Instagram’s success.

    Instagram’s Success

    Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are the people to thank for creating the world’s most popular social media platform. By 2021, the company’s value will have surpassed that of Nike, Goldman Sachs, Netflix, General Motors, and even American Express.

    Burbn, a solution that combined features of a check-in app and an online social game, was the name given to Instagram at the start of its history. But the company’s founders didn’t stop there. They went a step further and decided to develop a photo-sharing app with photo editing features. Previously, such solutions existed, but only in isolation.

    The marriage of photo sharing and photo editing features was explosive. It became Instagram’s USP (Unique Selling Point) (USP). The first prototype enabled the founders to raise $500,000 from their first investors. After only two months on the market, the platform had over a million active users.

    Now that we have studied the origin of Instagram, of course, you’ll be much more interested in creating an app of your own like this. So let’s teach you how to get that done.

    How To Create An Instagram-Like App

    Now comes the long-awaited question: how do you create a photo-sharing app like Instagram? Building an app like Instagram is simple but difficult, and you can’t do it alone. To make your Instagram-like social media app a reality, you’ll need an app development company. 

    Infini Sys – a top mobile app development company is what you need as Infini Sys has those mobile app designers who can get the job done for you.

    So let’s break down the steps required to create an app like this.

    1. Market Research: Conduct market research to determine your target audience’s preferences.

    2. Research Your Competitors: Examine competing photo-sharing apps.

    3. Create An App Concept: Create your one-of-a-kind and outstanding app concept.

    4. Create A Foolproof Plan: Define your next strategy in terms of project goals, budget, timeline, and technologies. To summarize, in order to achieve the best results, develop a foolproof mobile app business plan.

    5. Find The Best App Development Company: As said before, choose a capable mobile app development company like Infini Sys to design, develop, test, and launch your social photo-sharing app. Because you need mobile app designers who are sensitive to the nitty-gritty of mobile applications.

    6. Promote Your App: Create a marketing and public relations strategy and begin promoting the app from the beginning, even before it is released. Building a brand value with your target app users prior to launch will help you gain rapid growth in the early stages.

    7. Continue To Innovate: Keep up with the competition by evolving the project with additional functionality, design elements, and reaching out to new user groups.

    This is a condensed version of a business plan for launching an app similar to Instagram. If you want to learn more about creating and launching a social media app like Instagram, you should speak with one of the expert mobile app designers at InfiniSys.

    Features Of The Instagram App

    An app is only as good as its features. You can make a mediocre social media app, a blatant rip-off of Instagram, or even something better. It all depends on which app features you incorporate into your Instagram-like app.

    Stack Of Instagram Technology

    There’s a good chance you’re a non-technical founder with a rudimentary understanding of IT and social media application development. Steve Jobs was the same way, and yet he went on to become the most successful entrepreneur of all time.

    You don’t need to know how to code to create a social media app, but you should be aware of the technology stacks that are used to build an app like Instagram. But don’t worry, our mobile app designers will help you out with that.

    Create An MVP App Similar To Instagram 

    After learning the entire process and the level of features required for complete Instagram-like app development, it may appear that complete app development is both expensive and time-consuming. A better approach would be to reduce costs and time by creating an MVP version of your application, such as Instagram.

    On app stores, you can find a variety of photo and video sharing apps. As a result, developing another similar app will be ineffective. If you only have one shot at creating the best social media app like Instagram, you better make sure you’re on the right track and of course, partnering with the right mobile app development company.

    One way to ensure this is to first create an MVP of an Instagram-like app. This reduces the possibility of wasting a lot of time, money, and other resources. An MVP app will assist you in gathering valuable user feedback.

    With an MVP, the stakes are lower, allowing you to experiment with new features and approaches when developing an app like Instagram.

    How Much Does It Cost to Create an App Like Instagram?

    It’s difficult to estimate the cost of developing an Instagram-like app. The location of the app development company is one of the major factors mentioned above. Mobile app designers in some countries charge $100+ per hour for development, while others charge as little as $10 per hour.

    App development companies in the United States are highly skilled, but they are also quite expensive for many entrepreneurs. Nonetheless, there are a few skilled mobile app development companies, such as InfiniSys, that have found a way to offer cost-effective price points while providing excellent development services. 

    Create Your Own Instagram-Style App

    Instagram, the most popular photo and video social network apps, has always strived to provide its users with something unique. The Instagram app allows you to create various styles of video and photo posts with a single tap.

    Several companies and individuals have recognized the importance of creating an app like Instagram, which incorporates such exciting features and is admired by billions of users. InfiniSys is one of the best application development companies that can assist you if you want to create an app similar to Instagram.

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