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    There are some specific countries that are moving fast forward with the education and are considered to be the excellent ones in the provision of education. A lot of well developed countries have well-established educational sectors and management with the help of which they streamline the process of free education for the early schooling and primary academics.

    This may sound unusual but this is true that a lot of first world countries are accelerating in the tech grounds and are making great moves to produce valuable citizens.

    United States of America, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, South Korea, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, and Singapore are some of those countries who have commendable educational systems.

    A lot of students from other developing countries who do not have advanced educational facilities also travel to these states for the purpose of higher education.


    The education system of Dubai is applauded around the globe for being advance and well-established. This includes both the public and the private schools however 90% of education is provided via private schools. Also, in Dubai, education is the most important component and is declared as compulsory for the children of age 5 to 15.

    Overall, the public education i.e. primary and secondary is free for the citizens in Dubai. Several researches have also shown the Dubai is one of the highest concentrations of international schools in the world.

    There are almost 209 private schools in Dubai and the students who are not of Arab heritage must take the Arabic language classes till class 9 and age 13. Also, these school include the tertiary education 15-18 years old.

    The schools fees currently range from AED 12,723 ($3,463) per year to AED 64,093 ($17,449). Most of the international schools in Dubai have rolling admissions which means that they are open for the admissions throughout the year.

    Government of Dubai also offers a comprehensive curriculum to both the boys and the girls. The professional writers from shared the research, public schools usually rank lower than the international schools and the UAE government has made it top priority to reform the emirates public education system.

    The primary education is mandatory in Dubai and the private schools offers the primary and secondary education within the same premises so the students would not have to switch after completing the primary education from the school.

    The grading systems of the schools may vary from one another.


    Hoping to the universities in Dubai, the emirates has 26 international branch campuses of universities from 12 different countries including UK, Australia, USA, and Canada. While choosing the university make sure that it is suitable for you in terms of transport and the timings as well.

    Checking out the websites and visiting the classrooms along with the computer labs is also essential in order to get to know about the campus of the university. Being a popular hub or the expats from the whole world working in all the fields, Dubai is an exceptional choice that offers a range of educational options for the children of expats.

    Also, this is nowhere to neglect that it becomes pretty challenging for parents to find school that are affordable, international, and that are accepting the newer students.

    The universities in Dubai have three levels; bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and higher colleges for the technology. Dubai is also in the process of developing its own silicon valley as the country is also leading in the IT sector and is coming up with the best innovations in the tech grounds.

    In short, the education system of UAE is split in three general segments; public schools, private schools, and higher education institutions. The quality of the education can vary significantly. Within the gulf countries, the UAE school children ranked the highest and 45th worldwide.

    The education in Dubai all the way through the secondary school is universal, free in the public schools and compulsory for the children of Dubai, unlike many essay writing service UAE institutes and agencies. This is also important to know that state schools are gender-segregated and the language of instruction is Arabic

    The schools in Dubai run from Sunday to Thursday. The public schools usually run on a trimester system, while the private ones tend to use the more common model of two-semester. Winter holiday in December, spring break in late March, and a summer break in hot months.


    The secondary schools for Dubai students are mandatory through graduation and the country boasts a near graduation rate of 97%. This shows that the country is highly protective of the studies of the students and is making sure to boost the literacy rate among the citizens. Overall, Dubai is one of those well-developed states of the world that leads with an amazing educational system!


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