Thursday, May 23, 2024

    Since after the pandemic, the dynamics of the workplace have changed. The world economy was bent down to its knees due to the pandemic. People lost their jobs and the unemployment ratio went highest of all times.

    Due to the COVID-19, the sector of business and almost all the industries saw drastic changes and the sales went too low. This continued for a longer period of time as people were searching for the jobs all across their respective states.

    The pandemic of coronavirus hit the business sector massively and the countries around the whole globe implemented lockdowns in their states. This was done to put the stop on the spread of coronavirus. Gradually, the countries started to stand back with their businesses and the landscape of the workplaces changed dramatically after the decrease in the cases of coronavirus.


    The landscape of the businesses kept on changing and now here we are! Standing in the midst of pandemic and going through the procedures of online hiring and onboarding!

    The employers now choose to conduct the interview using the video conferencing software. This is also easy as it tends to be more feasible, convenient, and reliable for the remote positions and for the initial screening interviews.

    Well, these types of interviews are pretty different than the traditional in-person interview.

    Zoom is the most reliable and the most easily accessible application along with the video conferencing option. The recruiters and the hiring managers are now using the interview zoom call for any position for which they are interviewing.

    I understand, using Zoom for the online classes and for the teaching purpose is easy! But when it comes to the terms of using zoom for the online interview and answering the recruiter via that platform, it becomes a bit tricky.

    Zoom is one of those video software that is being used by a lot of companies in order to connect with their employees and the applicants remotely. As these are the days of pandemic and social distancing is being highly advised, so this is one of the most reliable options that the companies are using for their benefit.

    There are so many tools that you must learn to use properly before getting into the process of online interview via zoom platform. Once you get to know how these tools work, you would be able to use them for your own advantage in the next virtual interview.

    The researchers from also shared that they hired several employees and research writers for their company by taking the interviews of the candidates via zoom.


    Below I have broken down some tips that can help you master the zoom interview like a pro and you would be able to reflect that you are a qualified candidate.

    • Use mute button
    • Look into the camera while answering
    • Make sure to sit with a professional background
    • Room should be bright and lightened up
    • Pick a space that is quiet
    • Silent the phone
    • Maintain your focus and thoughts
    • Turn off the notifications
    • Use laptop or computer
    • Make sure to have charging in the laptop
    • Get a good internet connection
    • Wear professional attire
    • Practice using zoom
    • Ask your interviewer several questions to reflect your interest in the job
    • Use good body language
    • Have a clear screen

    Now, I am going to break down some important mistakes that one must avoid during a zoom interview. Make sure that you don’t do these mistakes so that you would be able to land your dream job easily.

    Coming late to the interview:

    Joining the interview late and not responding on time is one of the worst things that one could ever do to his career. If you have got the call for the interview then you must stay prepare with the time and should join the meeting via zoom right on time when it has been already scheduled.

    Not practicing the technology:

    The writers from cipd assignment help in Dubai expressed their opinions and emphasized that one should always practice the technology. Knowing about the software and staying updated with their use and functions is highly important to master the skills of the virtual interview.

    Failing to gather material:

    If you have not prepared for the interview beforehand then you will surely face a fail. This is highly recommended to gather the material first and then go for the interview. This will also help you to put an excellent impact on the recruiter and he will appreciate your efforts towards the job.

    Choosing wrong outfit:

    This element is one of the most important of all and here people fail horribly. If you have scheduled interview then this is your chance to get your things right on the place. Make sure that you are wearing the correct outfit and your attire is presenting you professionally. This would also help you to make up a good image.

    Giving interview in a messy space:

    Do not ever try to give the interview in a messy space. Your personality is negatively impacted with the messy space. Make sure that wherever you are sitting and giving you interview, that place must be neat and clean.

    Distracting the interviewer:

    Distracting the recruiter with your unnecessary habits and gossip is not appreciated by anyone. It would be best if you stay alert and should remain very careful while answering the interviewer’s questions about your career path as an entrepreneur or previous jobs. Don’t do unnecessary questions and answers.

    Not carrying on a real conversation:

    If you are faking during the conversation with the recruiter, the hiring manager will observe this and this would further impact your personality. You need to carry on a real conversation with your hiring manager to get hired instantly.


    With the help of above-mentioned tips and tricks, one would be able to get hired instantly after the virtual interview. Make sure to implement these tips and tricks smartly and do avoid the unnecessary stuff so you could pass your virtual interview easily.


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