Thursday, May 23, 2024

    Teaching children a new language could be an uphill task. Non-native parents might not be able to inculcate language proficiency and grammatical knowledge in their kids. Schools use customized pedagogy for teaching the English language. We are discussing the smart ways to teach English to kids in Dubai. A strong foundation is vital for them to perform well in higher classes. Also while seeking career options in other countries.
    Strong knowledge of English can help in communicating in almost all the countries. Even though there are several countries where English is neither taught nor spoken. English tutoring for kids in Dubai must be undertaken in a flexible and engaging manner. Gaining their attention is the fundamental factor in teaching kids, let it be in Dubai or any other region.

    1. Entertainment
      Entertainment is the foremost, and the only, thing that can engage the kids. The teachers can plan funny activities for playing with the kids. The communication throughout the event must be in the English language only. It can help the children learn the usage, pronunciation, and syntax silently.
    2. Games
      Organize simple games that can be played by the children. They may be formed into small groups if required. The teacher may remain a witness, or the main controller, of the game. All the rules and conversations during the game must be in English. The teacher can make this a rule. And the team that speaks in any other language may lose points. This smart way to teach English to kids in Dubai is followed in other regions as well.
    3. Bedtime Stories in English
      The parents may be motivated to read them bedtime stories in English. Books with colorful illustrations will catch the attention of the kids instantly. Reading English stories daily, at bedtime, will create a connection in them with the language. Parents can also consider using audiobooks, which are easily available in the market nowadays. Teachers also should practice this method to teach English to kids in Dubai.
    4. Group Activities
      There must be specific sessions for art and craft activities. The kids must be encouraged to speak in English during the activities. The common activities might require each other’s support. They may need to ask doubts or get some items like glue or paper from the other side or from a different group. The kids must be guided to talk in English during such occasions. The teacher can help the kids to correct the way of communication. They must be instructed in a friendly tone, about the polite way of communication.
    5. English Rhymes
      Famous English rhymes like, “Wheels on the bus go round and round,” “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,” “Five Little Ducks,” etcetera can help improve the language. The kids can sing the rhymes together. The teacher (or the parent at home) can sing along with the children to teach them the pronunciation of words and correct their slang. The slang taught during childhood is expected to continue through their adulthood.
    6. Conversing with Siblings
      If the kid has an elder sibling, s/he may be asked to converse in English with the kid. The child will pick up the language easily and quickly. Moreover, the exercise would also improve the spoken English of the elder child. The kid will not find the language alien when she or he is taught the same language in school. The parents and elder siblings can practice conversation in English with the kid. In fact this is the normal way to introduce him or her to the language.
    7. Wordplay Games Designed for the Kids
      Wordplay games are another smart way to teach English for kids in Dubai/ UAE and other Asian nations. Once the kid is familiarized with the language, such games may be commenced. The standard of the wordplay games must be decided depending on the knowledge level and proficiency of the kid. This can be played in both school and home. The trained teachers will be following an established system of wordplay that is suitable to the age group. Parents can search online for the games that are apt for the kids of specific age.
    8. Avoid Pressurizing the Kids
      The kids should learn English language by themselves through activities, games and mutual communication. The atmosphere in the classroom should be favourable for them to understand the language. The teachers play a crucial role in motivating them to communicate in English. They should not be pressured to speak in the language. Neither should be criticized for the imperfect pronunciation or stammering.
      Kids should be introduced to English language from the pre-schooling days itself. It would help them familiarize with the language and would remove the inhibitions. Strong language proficiency in English can help them opt for career options anywhere in the globe.


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