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    The essential step that you have to take to set up your WordPress website is that you won’t be helping anyone at how simple it all will be. A sidebar that would be on the left side, with a pristine interface to work, at the middle. And your necessary notification at the top.

    As you get deep into WordPress, you will get overwhelmed as you get deeper into different layers of functions with managing the content system.

    Let’s now get practical into this.

    What main things do you need to get going with WordPress and end your website that is going to impress your clients or the future visitors directly getting in? How will you be able to make it in the most efficient way that exists, without even having any experience in WordPress? The following tutorial by the ghostwriting service team will let you know all of the main steps to get your first WordPress website working.

     At first, it will tell you how to choose a domain, then will teach you how to buy your web hosting and domain. Then will show you how and where to download WordPress. You will then get to know to find the suitable WordPress theme, then configure the WordPress settings. Then you will be getting to know to install the main WordPress plugins.

    Here is the step-by-step tutorial for beginners.

    Before you get into WordPress, you will have to do some of your homework to get a home for it. Let’s now get into the basic steps that you have to take to get over WordPress and then get into the platform as we have set you up.

    The first step: Choosing a domain.

    The domain is the URL of the website.

    It will be serving as the URL inside the address bar of the visitor’s web browser when they wish to visit your website. First, you need to ensure that it is short, easy for the visitors to remember and to type, and it has to match the brand name.

    If you haven’t purchased a domain yet, it would be best that you do when you are to buy your web hosting, while some of the plans include a free domain.

    So before you claim the name, you will have the choice to obtain a high-level domain as well. You may even get the ones that may be available for some particular industries based on your region’s geographical location. Google has an excellent roundup on too many different TLDs that you can choose from. After that, you will be able to get to build your WordPress website.

    Get yourself a domain and web hosting.

    When you look at the name of these services, you would instantly know what this service offers. It does precisely as the title says. It hosts all of your websites. And if I tell you this in short words, some companies have giant servers located in the middle of the country.

    Wherever your website sits is all based on these web servers so that you won’t have to worry about purchasing or managing any of the server technology by yourself. These companies charge you an amount monthly and sometimes annually for space and bandwidth on the servers.   

    When you are to deciding on a hosting plan, you may have to think about what precisely do you want to do with your site.

    –         Think about making a tiny internal and company site.

    –         To run a blog post? Shared hosting may be the best place to begin.

    –         Starting a new business and want to get leads or sales? You shall then go for cloud hosting.

    –         If you are expecting good traffic to your business or e-commerce company to begin, then go with VPS.

    As you start getting a good amount of traffic and doing good business via your website, you can start moving to managed WordPress hosting. To begin, you shall go with any one of the options mentioned above.

    There are no solid front-runners when you are talking about the host providers. WordPress provides some of the best suggestions on organizations that don’t just work well on WordPress sites but also offer good hosting plans. I will be recommending you to start with some of them with your websites.

    Getting your website hosting is just too easy. You won’t find it much different from buying any other software or services. You need to ensure that you get your domain name at the same time. And look for the SSL certificate you get. It would be best if you get yourself one to boost your security when you are at it.

    You then will enter your bank account details and all of the payment information, then verify the plan’s details that you have made for your Webhosting and purchase the domain, then create your account.

    Then you install WordPress.

    There are different ways that you can get yourself WordPress. Anyways, most of the hustings will make you get an easy-to-use single-click installation that may make everything simple for you.

    As an example, you can take BlueHost. Here are the steps that you can take.

    –         You sign in to your hosting account.

    –         Then you go to the dashboard.

    –         If you are a seasoned developer, you will know your way to the control panel and will be comfortably be configuring PHP and your email settings. You will have to ignore everything and just look at the button that says “Install WordPress.”

    They sometimes will be offering you upgraded installation services, but you might not need that. You install WordPress, and you are good to go.

    As you are done with the installation of WordPress and with creating your WordPress credentials, it’s now the time to get in.

    Get yourself a WordPress theme.

    You may be fascinated to get to combine the different settings and pages that you will make in the WordPress menu. Stay back for a while. What first you have to do is to find the perfect theme for your WordPress website.

    A theme is a pre-designed and pre-coded website interface. What it will do is save your time and money and will not be getting you in any trouble creating from scratch or paying some designer to do it for you.

    You won’t have any trouble using WordPress themes, as the certified WordPress developers make them. But the thing is that all of the theme templates there will be very basic and not practical if you have anything to do other than blogs or content.

    What you need to know is that all of the themes need some amount of personalization. As well as, not all of the themes will work as per what you want them to do. So if you are willing to switch to some other sort of theme, you will have to make some changes to switch. If you want something spare for yourself, then you shall not move ahead to any further steps until and unless you have found a complete and perfect WordPress theme template for your website.


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