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    Are you planning to immigrate to Canada and need to translate your supporting documents into English or French? If so, you will most likely need certified translation services Dubai. In this blog we will help you to find reliable Canada immigration translation services in Dubai

     A very crucial step in immigrating to Canada is submitting supporting documents to your application verifying your nationality, education, and eligibility, for instance, birth certificate, degrees, marriage certificate, criminal record, and so forth. But supporting documents that are in a language other than English or French must be accompanied by a certified official translation of such original document in English or French.

    Canadian Immigration Translation Services Dubai

    As we mentioned all documents that are not English or French, must be accompanied by an official translation of the original document in English or French. You will have to search for Professional translation services in Dubai that provide certified accurate translation including seals and signatures and all data appearing on the original document. The approved translation must also bear the name and signature of the translator.

    Alsun translation services in UAE provide translations that meet the requirements and specifications set forth by IRCC.

    Our Translations are:

    • 100% Guaranteed IRCC Acceptance
    • Certified by a Professional Translator
    • At affordable Prices.
    • Delivered on assigned deadlines.
    • Ensure Complete Privacy.

    Alsun offers Canada Immigration Translation services that ensure you not to get your application rejected or objected with incomplete status.

    What are requirements for supporting documents?

    If you are planning to migrate to Canada, you will need a professional legal translation in Dubai to translate your data for citizenship. You will need your supporting documents translated for any procedures such as applying for citizenship or residency. The translation of your documents to the official languages of Canada will have to meet the following requirements of Immigration:

    • Certified translation of the original document.
    • Done by a certified translator
    • Bears translator signature and seal
    • Accompanied by a signed statement attesting that the translation is accurate and complete
    • The original document in the foreign language or a certified copy of the original document.

    When you submit a certified copy of your original document, the translator must stamp both the certified copy and the translation.

    You need to take into consideration that Expiry the translation of your supporting documents cannot change over time and should be valid forever unless the original document has changed or expired. The translation remains valid as long as the translator’s certification was valid at the time of signature.

    Why you need to get Canada immigration translation services?

    In fact, if IRCC receives an application that includes documents that are not in English or French neither accompanied by a translation to English or French, you will be asked to provide it. Thus, you will have to resubmit your application with the required certified translations.

    This means that finding the right certified translator in Dubai plays a vital role in acceptance of your application, as it is the very first step of the application process. 

    Factors you consider when choosing Canada immigration translation services in Dubai

    The Translation of your documents is a very important step in your immigration process; thus it must not be done by you, a member of your family, your immigration consultant, a lawyer or a notary, or even a translator is also not certified. So, who is a certified translator?

    Well, a certified translator is a translator who is a member of an organization of professional translators in Dubai. The documents translated by such a translator must be confirmed by a certified seal or signature.

    For certified translation Dubai, you will need to use the services of a translator who is authorized by UAE Ministry of Justice. Alsun is one of the best Canada Immigration Translation Services in Dubai. You can relax knowing your certified Canadian immigration translations are being completed by experts.

    Alsun Translation services in Dubai offer: 


    Alsun has years of experience translating documents from various languages into either French or English to meet IRCC requirements. We have translated countless documents accepted by the IRCC. Send us your documents and start your immigration process the right way with us.

    High Quality and accurate translation services:

    Our accurately translated document clears the immigration checks at the first time. We guarantee our clients looking for a reliable certified translator in Dubai high-quality translation services that meet Canada immigration requirements.

    24/7 Availability:

    Our service is available around the clock; we respond to you within minutes. If you have urgent documents, we translate, review, and send them on the assigned deadline. Thanks to our team of professional translators, reviewers, and project managers. Contact us now, we will respond to you, regardless of what time of day.

    Competitive Prices:

    Payless and get more! We deliver you a high-quality translation service at the best prices. Do not hesitate to ask about prices for long-term projects. Scan and send your documents and get a free quote.

    Maintain Data Security:

    At Alsun, we are fully committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal information and data. Our team signs NDAsto to ensure the security and privacy of our clients. Ask about our confidentiality policy.  

    Send us an email, call us or pay us a visit at our office in Dubai and get your documents translated accurately on time at affordable prices.

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