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    We know the feeling of getting a student visa rejected. It is okay to feel upset or to cry over it as you have invested so much time and effort in the whole process. It might be too drenching for you!

    But you can tell your heart all is well – because you are not the first individual whose student visa got rejected. You can try your luck again by putting in more effort this time.

    Wipe your tears, and hang on there as we have written down a brief guide for you on what to do next once your student visa has been rejected.

    What to do if your student visa gets rejected?

    As your visa has been rejected – start preparing yourself to reapply for the student visa! You can not sit keeping your hand-on-hand with a sad face. Because you are already halfway there! You can not leave things somewhere in-between.

    You have worked hard to get high grades, you may have considered essay writing services for getting an impressive essay and finally, you have gone through the visa application process. Getting rejection must not dim your towering spirits.

    The first step you can take is looking after “why” your application was rejected. Or you can ask your consular officer the reason for your rejected visa.

    Or maybe you can check the reason for your student visa rejection in the rejection letter that you got from the home office. You can then work to resolve the reason/s for rejection and resubmit the visa once you’ve fixed the issues.

    You also need to inform your university firsthand regarding the delay you are facing. Specifically if the rejection you are facing can cause a delay in your arrival at your university. Tell your university management that you are not able to attend the course on a specific date.

    The international office at most universities is dedicated to international students, so this should be your next stop. They will already have assisted a large number of students in obtaining a visa to study at their university and will be able to assist you as well.

    Reasons your visa may be rejected for

    Researchers from best assignment help believe; these can be the reasons for student visa rejection.

    • Not properly reading the instructions and therefore filling some extra parts present in the visa form or filling it incorrectly. Or maybe you have forgotten to fill parts in your visa form.
    • Not able to provide all the documents to be attached in the form. It can be a missing IC or some photographs.
    • Inadequate English speaking skills or not a good command over English writing skills – that can include syntax error and etc.
    • Insufficient evidence that you meet the financial requirements to study abroad.
    • Having failed all background checks.
    • Your prior education has no influence on your course. A common reason for visa refusal is having no prior qualifications relating to your degree or having credentials in other sectors.
    • There’s a chasm in your educational path. The duration of time since you last attended school can have an impact on your rejection of student visa.
    • Your international travel history.
    • Your native country. Each country has its own political and economic aspects that influence the application’s performance. Citizens of various countries may have varied outcomes while submitting the same application.
    • Your application history in the past. Any previous visa refusals could be a factor in the rejection of your student visa. If you were previously given a visa to your destination country but were later discovered to violate any visa terms it can be the reason as well.

    Most foreign students will hire an advisor or study consultant to assist them with the full application process, including visa applications, to study abroad. If your visa has been denied, it may be beneficial to hire an experienced international student or immigration agent to help you the next time.

    To find an expert agent who can assist aspiring students to understand their visa-related issues is perfect! It will increase the likelihood of obtaining a visa further.

    Are you ready to reapply for a student visa?

    There is no obvious reason to wait to re-apply for a student visa. You can apply next time whenever you want after your first rejection of your visa. But keep in your mind, to send the same application again can eventually lead to rejection of your student visa right away.

    It is suggested that you only re-submit if your situation has improved or if you want to add significant new details to your application process. It can be anything, from a new application letter to the missing documents or you can even check whether you have added information in any extra space in the form. Work on all of these points and then reapply for a student visa once you are fully ready. It will reduce your chances of getting rejection this time.

    Did COVID-19 become a source of your visa rejection?

    Well, yes! It can be one of the important reasons that have affected your student visa request.
    Everyone knows about the lockdown that was imposed worldwide. It caused limitations on flights, closure of institutes, and so on. All of these factors led to a delay in student visas.

    Student visas are mostly dependent on your country and its COVID-19 guidelines as we can see a change in travel restrictions continuously. So before you reapply for a student visa, it is better to go through your country’s guidelines for traveling. Make sure to have an eye on the instructions of the particular lace you are applying for!


    Getting your visa student rejected is heartbreaking. But we will tell you not to give up, and continue with your hard work. You will see yourself touching the sky after a little more push because you can do that! Reapply for your visa again once you are ready, and there you go!


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