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    It’s a fact that every CV differ on the basis of geographical location and its peculiarities. So when writing a CV for a particular state, country. It’s important that you craft your CV according to their needs. As every recruiter has his or her own recruitment demands. It helps them in evaluating that whether the CV is worth reading or not.

    So all the job seekers before sending their CV has to emphasize on the fact that Dubai or the Middle East companies will accept your CV if it is written by a professional. As they know what are the particular things the recruiter look for. However, if you can’t opt for a professional, don’t worry. As we are here to tell you how to write a CV in the Middle East, keep reading.

    Length of CV

    It has been observed that employers in Dubai and the Middle East probably look for Elaborate CVs. So when designing your own CV keep in mind to discuss everything elaborately. To make it more comprehensible, your CV must be of 2 pages and include all the pertinent information. However, if you are applying for a senior level position you can extend your CV length to 3 pages. As in most parts of the world unlike US, a one-pager CV is considered too short.

    Know your Restrictions

    Another thing that you must keep in mind is that many nations like Dubai or other Eastern countries don’t have anti-discrimination law. If you see k help from the CV writing service in Dubai, they would ask you to reveal your age, ethnicity, gender, and nationality. So if you don’t want to miss a chance to get interviewed and avail the job, you must add the information mentioned above. However, if we compare it to the USA, they don’t allow the job seekers to reveal this information.

    Photo is needed

    It might surprise you, but yes. There are some companies in the Middle East that judge the applicants from the way they look. Therefore, always remember to add you photo in your CV. The photo must be passport size and placed at the first page of the CV with a grey or blue background. This step doesn’t requires much time and is also easy. One thing that you must know, fortunately or unfortunately there are some recruiters who make their decisions on the basis of ethnic preferences. So in this case your photo can be a factor that helps to decide in the hiring process.


    Write about your educational achievements in reverse chronological order. State the full name of the degree, the university, the country and the year in which you got graduated. Make sure to be clear and elaborative. As there may be a chance that the recruiter is not familiar with the education system where you came from. In order to get more insight on how to write your educational background. You may seek guidance form the samples present on the page of

    Employment Details

    Similarly as the educational details, you need to mention your employment history in the reverse chronological order. For each of the position you worked, state the period of the employment. Moreover, the name of the company and the position title. In the end mention the responsibilities and accomplishments. All these things will let the recruiter have a clear picture, what are your capabilities and what responsibilities you can hold.

    Cover Letter

    The cover letter along with the CV is welcomed, in all the Middle East Countries. However, they have some peculiarities. They want it to be outclassed, or you can say flawless. This is the reason that one must learn tips about matching your CV to the job. Also it’s important that you show your skills and experience in the best way possible. The cover letter that goes along your CV must be relevant and precise. Yet it must be able to reflect your personality and character. All these peculiarities is one of the reason that CV writing services in Dubai have high standards.

    Summarizing it all, CV is like an advertisement of oneself. From the beginning to the end the CV is designed in a way, that must promote all your skills, education and, experience. Most significantly in a way that you may seem as the ideal choice for the job. One thing that you must surely avoid is putting together a copy-and-paste replica of your previous CVs. Always go for a customize CV for a particular job. So next time when applying for a job in the Middle East remember all the tips mentioned above in order to land in your dream job.


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