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    Are you planning to move to UAE as a student?  Then one of the most important things to consider is covering your health insurance. Whether you plan to pay for it yourself or your parents are helping out, this is essential. You can not anticipate when or if you will be needing medical intervention or treatment in the future. But it is always wise to have health insurance prepared beforehand to deal with any issues like that. Being healthy and investing to ensure that should be a top priority.

    Why do you need health insurance?

    It is necessary for all expats and residents of who are living or working UAE to have health insurance. This move ensures that there is quality medical treatment to be had whenever required. A vast range of skills physicians and different forms of healthcare are available in UAE. Which care sectioned into public and private systems. If you are a UAE citizen with no health insurance, medical treatment is accessible at a public hospital.

    UAE has one of the best healthcare systems available globally. There are four major public hospitals which provide emergency services round the clock. All medical facilities there have state of the art technology and equipment available. The healthcare sector is regulated in UAE and Dubai at both federal and Emirates level. This combines to provide a health insurance system unparallel to any other.

    Types of health insurance in UAE

    With health insurance you can receive care from private hospitals and consult private physicians. There are various levels of medical insurance in UAE, which includes basic plans to cover inpatient treatment. It applies whenever you are admitted to the hospital due to a condition or experience an emergency.

    If a student opts for a medium-cover insurance policy, both outpatient and inpatient treatments are covered. There is also a comprehensive plan which is generally the most expensive among all health insurance. Alongside covering inpatient and outpatient circumstances it allows consultation with specialists. This includes appointments with mental health experts or physiotherapists.

    This can be extremely beneficial for students. Especially ones who are foreigners and far from home and family. Living alone for the first time can be very hard. Although it is a part of your growth and journey towards adulthood, the road can be rocky. When living on campus taking care of yourself is difficult during the initial months. You are independent which also means that no one is there to help you out.

    These changes can be overwhelming and cause stress and anxiety. There is a lot of pressure from all sides regarding academic performance and even social participation. Maintaining a balanced life seems simply impossible when a ton of assignments are waiting for submission. While your sports club instructor is raging on the other hand to keep your head in the game.

    When things take their toll, it is important to have solutions at hand. Our service is a cure-all for all your academic woes. And any physical or mental complications will be well covered if you have a health insurance at your back.

    Features and benefits of UAE health insurance

    • Free treatment

    If the insured is admitted to a hospital, they will receive free treatment for their ailment. All they need to do is provide the policy number and their bills will be taken care of.

    • Coverage of expenses pre and post hospitalization

    Some plans even allow covering the finances needed for pre and post hospitalization. This is reserved for a specific number of days when the policy holder is admitted to a hospital.

    • Regular check ups

    A quality insurance plan always entitles the holder to get medical check-ups frequently. This is especially great for students so they can have a professional opinion regularly about their health.

    • Transport expenditure

    If the insured individual needs hospitalization, the policy also covers transportation costs. Whether it is from home to hospital or the other way round.

    • No claim bonus

    The holder will receive an NCB either as a premium discount or sum increment. This applies when there are no claims made within the one-year policy period.

    There are many great options available for health insurance in UAE. Students can choose one that is cost-effective and provides considerable benefits.   


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