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    We at UAESTUDENTS understand the kind of stress a student faces when it’s time to move to another city or state for further education (or any other reason). That is why we decided to make things comparatively easier for you by providing you with some very useful student moving and packing tips that will save both your time and money.

    Tip For Student Moving And Packing

    Everything that needs to be done is tough when it comes to moving. You need to list all the stuff that needs to be packed, find professional movers and packers, transport your belongings after packing, etc. While you do so much for your move, don’t forget one very important aspect – student moving and packing tips.

    Get Details About Your New Accommodation

    The first step towards successfully settling in your new accommodation as a student is to gather details about your new residence. It is crucial for college/university students since the institution management makes students’ living arrangements. Having knowledge about your accommodation will help you determine the amount of stuff that you can easily adjust. Make sure to confirm if your hostel is furnished or not.

    Plan Your Move As Early As Possible

    The earlier you start planning your move, the more prepared you will be when it finally arrives, making everything easier for you. Some good student moving and packing tips are making a list of all your belongings, finding a place for them in the new apartment/house you will be living in, and starting a saving plan.

    Move With Friends

     If you have friends who have got admission to the same College and University as yours, do not hesitate to ask them about moving together. That way, you’ll be able to cheapen the costs of your move, reduce stress, and most importantly, you’ll have someone with whom you can share your memories.

    Use The Boxes

    No one can imagine a move without using boxes. Because boxes are simple, spacious, and easy to stack and these are the foundation of storage and moving. They are available with other packing equipment in stores, typically in various sizes. The most important thing is that moving boxes will keep your possessions in order -as long they are labeled.

    For labeling your moving boxes, buy a few markers (and should you plan to reuse the boxes for different reasons, consider using stickers or even tape).

    Pack Lightly

    The whole packing process is important because it will show how well prepared you are for your move. You should try to pack as light as possible not only for saving money but also for having an extra hand to help you with your move (so pack the heavy stuff too). You will get a small space in the hostel to adjust all of your stuff in that specific space.

    Pack The Essentials

    While you’re packing, don’t forget about your everyday items and pack them before everything else. That way, when it’s time to move into the new house/apartment, you will already be ready to unpack all of your belongings and get settled in.


     When it comes to the student moving and packing tips, transportation of your belongings is another important aspect. Make sure that whatever method you choose for transporting your furniture, appliances, etc., will be safe and efficient. It’s also a good idea to hire the Bluebox movers in Dubai to make your move hassle-free.

    Moving Helpers

     If you need help with your move, it’s best to rely on professionals’ student moving and packing tips. These professionals’ tips also include that booking a moving company is your best bet. Ensure the movers have the equipment necessary for transporting heavy items safely and that they are insured and licensed for this type of work.

    Clean Your Accommodation

    Before you reach your new accommodation with movers, it is essential to clean your accommodation. Because there’s no way of knowing what kinds of dust, dirt, and other trash can be found within the residences of colleges/universities. Even the cleanest spaces are often empty for months or even weeks before accepting new students. In empty spaces, you can find all kinds of bugs, from bacteria to dust mites to mold and others. If you are moving into a new apartment, dorm, or any other type of home, make sure you clean it thoroughly with whatever cleaning products you have available.


    Now that we have covered some of the most important aspects of moving, you can start planning your move. However, if you are arranging the accommodation on your own in the nearest society then you need a full moving service and may call villa movers in Dubai to assist you. Keep in mind that most of the student moving and packing tips from this article are for those who want to make things easy on themselves but still keep their belongings safe during transportation.


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